Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process before you hit ‘publish’ or ‘submit’. This includes a surface check for spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting and typography.

Other Responsibilities Include

Obvious fact-checking | Querying anything that may affect readability | Referring to house and style guides for consistency | Checking graphs, illustrations, tables and charts for readability

What Proofreaders DON'T Do

Edit images or fix layout design | Make judgement calls | Rewrite or reorganise sentences

Copy Editing

Copy editing is polishing your work so it is ready for the proofreader. This includes a more technical approach to content through research and proficient knowledge in an appropriate subject. 

Other Responsibilities Include

Correcting spelling, typos, grammar, punctuation, syntax and word usage | Researching facts, names, numbers and dates | Correcting inconsistencies in content | Flagging potential copyright issues | Referring to house and style guides for consistency

Social Media Editing

A social media editor works closely with business owners to manage their online image, and create content that engages well with their target audience.

Other Responsibilities Include

B2B and B2C communications | Tracking the analytics and growth of social media pages | Offering advice on how to better drive traffic | Assisting in setting the direction and tone of the social media aspect of a business

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